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Gaza massacre map…

Click below for a moving set of panoramic pictures of the destruction left behind and no longer spoken about… Never forget……    Gaza massacre map..


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We have finally managed to get Irish in Gaza T-shirts sorted. Our apologies to those who have been asking for and waiting for them for so long…. We  can take orders for them via paypal with Payment…  For paypal payment .. Click Donate. For those without Paypal,  Email me on jennygraham7@gmail.com or facebook  (jenny Graham) and send private message.

When ordering by Paypal, please use the reference or message section  to inform us of  name, address, size, colour and quantity. 

T-Shirts are in sizes S, M, L and XL and come in Black or white. They have Handala in front holding an Irish and Palestinian flag and the back has the blog address and both flags again. T-Shirts cost 15.00 euro , ( which includes post and packing) .   All money collected from the sale of the T-shirt’s goes , as always, to projects in Gaza. At this time, the money will go towards the drilling of a well in Northern Gaza.  (Previous post has details)


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Derek and I are heading back to Gaza. We will return with your support as always, but, we need it now more than ever. After the latest barbaric Israeli onslaught on Gaza, we will return to work with our Palestinian friends and “Family” to rebuild. Many of you have asked to help, we promise to work on your behalf to do so.

During this last few weeks , you will have heard the areas, “Beit Hanoun”, “Northern Gaza” Israeli border area” mentioned often. This area has been all but totally destroyed by Israel , the villagers in Umm al Nasser ( Bedouin village) are returning home to start again, but with very little.

Water is a right ! We will work in Umm Al Nasser , with your help , to provide fresh , clean drinking water for the whole village, a basic human right, a vital human right to life. Umm Al Nasser, like most of Gaza are in desperate need of  your urgent help. Access to clean , fresh , free and daily drinking water, is a step towards independance, a belief in a future, a reminder of the support of those fighting for humanity and justice and… it is the least we can do…

Even before our arrival back , We have begun to put in place the provisions needed to do this and this project will begin the moment we arrive . Below is the outline of the project , We will personally guarantee all donations are spent here, we will report regularly with updates, pictures etc.

Below also is a slide show of different aspects of the village, including the beauty of the children who live there, the proximity to the Israeli border, the simplicity of life, the need for provisions and the  tough plastic sheeting  and blankets your donations contributed to after the storms last winter.

We are overwhelmed but not surprised at the outpouring of anger, the support for Palestine, the offers of help over the last few weeks and we believe , together , we can make this project successful and do so very quickly. Please donate what you can, read the blog, share the blog and keep supporting humanity  and justice..

Proposal for Well, Drilling stations etc for Umm al Nasser village, Northern Gaza.   Location: Umm al Nasser village, Gaza strip, Palestine. Umm al Nasser village is a Bedouin village of about 5,000 people situated along the Northern border with Israel. The village receives little or no support from Governmental or Non Governmental associations  and only extremely limited co operation from the United Nations. There is little infrastructure in the village and no independent water supply. The water to the homes must be trucked in from the neighboring town, Beit Hanoun, at a cost. During times of aggression or war, these trucks to not travel to the border areas and therefore the village are regularly without access to clean drinking water.

Proposed Project outline:

We propose to drill a well in the centre of the village.   We have spoken with the mayor of the Municipality, and they are prepared to donate the land for the installations free of charge for the project. A de-salination plant/ filtration plant would also need to be installed. We would erect a drinking water station next to the well with a number of storage tanks, taps etc to provide constant clean drinking water.

Depending on fund’s , We also would pipe the water directly to a drinking water tank erected in the primary school of the village.  This way, we are ensuring the school children have access to clean drinking water daily. As we will need to install the pipe work to the school, we propose to erect the second distribution station outside the school, enabling the residents of this section of the village to access the water also.

We appreciate any and all donations, support and help offered. Paypal button   on donate page or click here:     To  Donate, click here..…………….Donate

or contact jennygraham7@gmail.com , Shukran, Thank you

We also have Irish in Gaza t-shirt’s ( finally) for sale…  Click:http://wp.me/psaGo-1ck


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Waiting for Godot (and no kiss goodbye)

Derek’s story continues…

Monday 16th.

No move on the border today we have been told 100% that only pilgrims will pass. That doesn`t mean we`re not trying, we are still calling every one we know and pulling in any favors we can. So we have been guaranteed that we can leave tomorrow first thing. The funeral arrangements are made, removal on Wednesday and burial on Thursday after 11 o`clock mass. This is ok if we get out and get to Cairo airport,  there is a flight at 4 in the morning and we will get into Dublin at 10.30, that means we can be in Ballina by 2 o`clock in time for the removal.

Tuesday 17th

Didn`t get much sleep between my mind racing and listening to the Israeli’s shooting at the fishermen. We got up at 6 and just sat around waiting for the bus to arrive. We were on the road just after 8 and got to Rafah at quarter to 9. All ready for the day or so we thought, we got there and there was 1000`s all trying to get out. Everybody trying to get past the first gate, if you get past the first gate you have a good chance of getting across. It is getting worse and worse every time the border opens. Previously it would open once every 2 weeks now it is once every 4 to 5 weeks. So when it does open people are more desperate to get out. Some of the scenes today were very distressing, women and children crying, men screaming.

We tried to pass and were told wait 5 minutes, first bad sign of the day because 5 minutes means 1 maybe 2 hours. Panic starts to set in because sometimes the Egyptians open the border for 2 hours and then shut it for no reason. All I can do is start making phone call to everyone I know. After an hour or so of calling people I got a call back to say that the official that deals with the foreigners will come down to the gate in 5 minutes (1-2 hour).It was like that play “Waiting for Godot”. He arrived at 1 o`clock, 2 and a half hours later and told all the internationals that they can`t leave today, we can got tomorrow at 9 o`clock guaranteed. At this point I started to lose it and told him, quite loudly, that we were guaranteed to leave today and that this was an emgency, all the rest of the international understood our situation and agreed for Jenny and myself to pass and they would remain. The official agreed to see what he could do and would call the Egyptian side just for 2 people to pass.

After he left I sat down by myself and the realization of what was happening started to hit me, I was going to miss the removal and would not be able to kiss Mam goodbye and would never see her again. Have you ever had that sick feeling in your stomach of hopelessness, well double that. Looking around I could hear and see so many other people in the same sick situation and sick situation is the only way to describe it. Begging and pleading to be allowed to do what everyone else takes as a God given right to be treated like a human being and be allowed to travel freely. Shame on the world for allowing this to happen and for turning a blind eye to it.

40 minutes later the official came back and said no way any international are crossing today not even us two. At this point my heart was broken into 100 pieces. I missed Mam passing, I`m missing the wake tonight ( mam is been waked in the house tonight) and I will miss the removal.

I had held it together all day and on the way back to Gaza my sister called, that’s when I lost it and turned into a blubbering mess. Maria calmed me down and we chatted about what to do next. She told me this is all happening for a reason and we might not know what the reason is right now but it will all be clear later. I hope so because it isn`t making any sense right now. It`s now over 2 week since we first started trying to get out, many Palestinians have spent their whole lives trying to get out and I wouldn`t say it`s making much sense to them either.


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Finally understanding what it’s like to be a Palestinian

   (Farewell to mam) by Derek Graham


Since 2008 we have worked as solidarity activist / human rights workers with the Palestinians running boats in and out of Gaza and in the beginning of 2012 we moved to Gaza full time. Living here you think you understand what it is like because you are eating the same food and showering in the same salty water as the Palestinians. You wait for your bottle of gas the same as the Palestinians (some times for weeks) and you have the same amount of electricity as they do. But all this is only scratching at the surface.

It was only 2 weeks ago we started to really learn what life is like for Palestinians.

Two weeks ago we got that phone call from home that no son or daughter ever wants to get. Come home quick your mother is very sick. As we both have been arrested by the Israelis on the boats, leaving through Israel is not an option as we are both on the black list for 10 years. For most Palestinians leaving through Israel is not an option either. So your only option is through Rafah, this may sound easy but it`s far from easy.

We went to the Government here and told them we needed to get home quick, they were sympathetic but said they didn`t know when the border would be open again and that we would need to co-ordinate with the Egyptians. We contacted the Egyptian embassy in Dublin and explained our situation and I must say the staff there is very polite and very helpful and most of all they were understanding. They got us the co-ordination and said we can leave the next time the border opens. Sadly though, they have no control over the Rafah border and couldn`t say when it would open.

As the days went on the news from home was getting worse but there was a glimmer of hope from this side. If the unity agreement is signed Rafah will open permanently, unity agreement was signed, and Minister’s sworn in and then there was a problem. Nobody is sure or will say what the problem is but the border isn`t opening. At this stage in Gaza there are over 6,000 people waiting to get out for medical treatment and 1,000s of student waiting getting to college many of whom will lose their places if there are not there on time. Their whole future depending on when Rafah will open and for how long as there are only so many people allowed out each day it opens.

The more days that pass the more helpless you feel, whether you get to see you mother before she dies is out of your hand. Time starts to move more slowly, hours seems like days.You try to keep yourself busy working at different projects so that your just not sitting around and thinking, if you do the situation becomes unbearable. You start to understand why things like football is such a big thing here, it`s to take their minds off the siege because if you just sit around and think about the siege you would go crazy.

It`s Friday night here the 13th and the news from home is not very good at all.  It`s looking like I won`t make it home on time. There is a rumour going around that the border will open on Sunday but it is only for pilgrims. We have no choice but to try any way, we like every other Palestinian in here are pulling in every favor we can to get on the list. But the Palestinian Government here has very little say as to who gets on the list. The Egyptians can say pilgrims only or pilgrims plus some regular passengers it`s up to them.

Knowing that something as important as saying good bye to your mother, something that will stick with you for the rest of your life is out of your hand, is so demoralizing and so hard to handle. Even if they gave you a definite date so you had something to work towards,  it would ease the mental torture because that is what this siege is, it`s mental and physical torture. But it`s then you start to realize what the Palestinian have been going through for so many years and it gives you a new respect to their resolve.

Saturday 14th, Mam had a very rough night, her breathing is shallow and she is finding it hard to speak. I know she is only holding on waiting for me to get home, she told my sister “I`m trying my best to hold on but tell Derek I am sorry, I couldn`t hold on any longer”. We got a call around mid-day from Maria to say you need to say goodbye to mam, she put the phone on speaker. This was and well be the hardest call I will ever had to make, to hear her struggle for breath and listening to her last few pearls of wisdom. Not been able to hold her hand and tell her everything will be ok as she had done for me so many times in the past was torture. And all because the world decides to turn a blind to the longest siege in world history. Mam been mam is one for the strongest women I know and at 16.30 she is still holding on in the hope we will get out. The news on the border is it will open tomorrow but only for pilgrims. We are going to go to the border anyway and see if we can blag our way out, we have no choice. Sadly there will be 1000s of other’s trying the same thing; everyone here takes whatever chance they can because here, many times your life does depend on it.

22.52 Paul my brother called to say mam has just passed away. He said that it was so peaceful the way she went and that she is at rest now. Numbness is the only way to describe my feelings, sitting here just wait for tomorrow to come and try and start our journey home (tic tock tic tock). And we still don`t know if we will get out tomorrow, the rumours are that nobody but pilgrims are getting out tomorrow and Monday. (But we must try). If this is the case there is a possibility that we won`t make it home in time for the funeral. I don`t want to think about that right now but I have no choice. There will be many people reading this and saying it is your own fault, you chose to go and live there and yes they are correct. But there are 1.8 million people here that don`t have a choice, our story is one story, now multiply this story by 1.8 million and that is Gaza.

Sunday 15th. We have just spent the day at Rafah crossing, ask, begging, pleading, calling anyone that might be able to talk to the Egyptians. The kick in the gut came at the end of the day then we were allowed inside the first gate after waiting outside for 4 and a half hour. Normally when you pass the first gate it`s 90% certain that you will get across the border. Today the one day we really needed to get across we ended you in the other 10%. Just as we got past the first gate my brother called and I naively told him we are on our way, everyone at home was a little more relieved. 5 minutes last an offical came and told us that there is no way we are crossing today, first kick in the gut. We agued and said give us a few minutes to make some more calls. Back on to the Irish department of foreign affairs (who are always very helpful) back on to every contact we have in Gaza to no avail. While I was on the phone the official came back to Jenny and told her there is no way until Tuesday, today and tomorrow only for pilgrims, this was like two kicks in the gut at the same time. Now the funeral is looking out of reach. I couldn`t see mam before she died and now I may not be able to even kiss her goodbye and see her one last time before she is gone forever.

All because of petty politics and people wanting to show others who`s in charge. And the sad thing about it is we were not alone there were 100s of other people there in the same boat as us and them same people will be back again tomorrow trying again all because of the longest siege in world history. Some day the world will wake up and see the injustice of what is happening here.

Will update you later on how we get on over the next few days.


The next part is to Mam

There are parents, there are good parents and there are excellent parents.

Parent’s have children

Good parent’s have children and teach them right from wrong

Excellent parent’s have children, teach them right from wrong and give them the courage to stand up for what is right.

Thanks Mam for been an excellent parent and giving me the courage to do what I`m doing.

Doris Graham 1941 – 2014 R.I.P.


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Despite threats to their safety, Palestinians are farming in Gaza buffer zone as a way to regain land and livelihoods.

Al Jazeera article on Umm Al Nasser village in Northern Gaza. This is the Bedouin village where we spend most of our time these days.

“We could not encourage people to go to farm in an area if they are exposed to insecurity,” Ferrand told Al Jazeera. “The area is super sensitive and it was difficult to get the approval to work there,” he said. “It doesn’t mean we can guarantee 100 percent security for our farmers,” he added.

“Unfortunately incidents in the access-restricted areas do exist,” Ferrand added.

But the risks don’t deter the farmers in Umm an-Nasser.

“We know there is a risk, but we don’t want to lose our investments here,” said Abu Freiya, the mayor. “I ask you to come a year from now – this has so much potential. Next year, the farmers will be more developed and use the lands during different seasons and benefit from every single sand grain. It will change family life. The only obstacle is the security.”

To read the full article from Al Jazeera, click link below.


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The other side of Gaza!     Happy………..




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